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 Rules to Teen-Roleplaying.com

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Rules to Teen-Roleplaying.com Empty
PostSubject: Rules to Teen-Roleplaying.com   Rules to Teen-Roleplaying.com Icon_minitimeTue Jul 07, 2009 2:17 pm

Rules for Teen-Roleplays.com

1. Us here at Teen Role plays would respect that you would be kind to all members. Please do not be rude or harass any member here.
2. We strongly prohibit any sexual, innappropriate, or offensive content here. That includes images, videos, words, ect. Just don't or else you could be permanently banned.
3. Cussing here is prohibited. This site is rather child friendly and we would like to keep it that way. We do allow the works 'Crap' and 'Sucks', but nothing any farther than that.
4. Do not ask for personal information of other members or share information about yourself. This is for the safety of all members here at Teen Role Play.
5. Do not spam up the board with nonsense posts or jibberish. It's annoying and pointless.
6. Do not share opinions of religious or political views. This may cause unecessary arguments.
7. Understand this is a public forum and other can read what you post on the boards and can respond. If you are unable to respond in a civil and mature way, maybe think before you post.
8. Please do not create multiple accounts. If you were previously banned you shouldn't create a new account, you were banned for a reason.
9. When a mod/admin ask you to do something, you are to listen to them. Do not start arguments with them nor any other member.
10.Keep the chatspeak to a minimum. Plz dun tlk lyk dis.
11. Follow all role play rules stated in the role play section.
12. Have fun! It's the main thing at this site. It is meant for us all to role play together and have a good time!
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Rules to Teen-Roleplaying.com
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