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 The Rules for Roleplaying.

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PostSubject: The Rules for Roleplaying.   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:22 pm

The Rules for Roleplaying.
1. As said in the regular forum rules, you are still not allowed to cuss. You may say 'Crap' or 'Sucks' just nothing more than that.
2. Relationships with other's characters are allowed, just don't go any farther than a kiss to show affection.
3. No godmodding. Godmodding is when your character is perfect and flawless. Though it may not seem like you are godmodding you might be, does your character have any flaws? If not you might want to rethink your character.
4. Keep relationship drama to a very very small minimum. It shouldn't even happen, so don't make it.
5. Please try your best to use proper grammar. This includes proper spelling, puncuation, capitalization, ect. We understand we all make mistakes, but just try to keep 'em to a minimum. Spell check is a handy tool.
6. No Power playing. Power playing is when you control other's characters. Be careful not to power play.
7. If you are out of character use some form of OOC (out of character) such as '(())' or '[[]]'.
8. Be creative. Add interesting twists and such to a role play. Use creative characters to make the role play more unique.
9. Follow all forum rules. They are still in affect during a role play.

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The Rules for Roleplaying.
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